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Looking for Players - San Francisco
Hello, I'm looking for players who would like to try a semi-regular campain. I am new to the EP rulebook but I've read all the Stross and Morgan and Doctrow books that feed this universe. Style as DM:
  • My last game was a time-travel scenario using the d20 modern rules that ran for almost a year, we killed the mind-hacker who created Jack the Ripper and fought zombies the the trenches of WWI. So I might trend towards the wacky but I have no problems with horror.
  • I take a lot of player input into consideration so if you come with an interesting background / motivation I'm happy to feature that into the main plot.
  • I really love unspooling a mystery over several sessions and this setting offers so many opportunities for plot twists. What happened to your alpha fork after you were backed up...?
  • I try to feature interesting settings for combat situations where the terrian is as much an impact as the opponents.
  • I try to craft scenarios that require the involvement of all the PCs, like a good heist movie everyone has a key part ot play.
  • I sometimes create problems with no obvious path to take and let the players figure it out.
  • I steal shamelessly from popular media. Looking for players who:
  • Are more interested in crafting an exciting shared story than maxing their stats and hoarding credits.
  • Don't roll their eyes when it's time to look up the combat rules again.
  • Don't make a habit of flaking out at the last minute. Scheduling:
  • I'd prefer to play in person.
  • I live on the west side of San Francisco but am looking for card-shops / gamescape type locations to meet in for starters.
  • I think 2-3 hours is the sweet spot for a single gaming session but am open to opinions.
  • Weeknights are probably ideal but I'm open.
  • Once or Twice a month is as often as I can swing. I think it's more important to have all the players available at the same time. Other than that I'm just a regular guy who works in an office downtown, has a wife, and totally won't steal your organs or anything. I've got a starter adventure ready to go. Hired by a wealthy asteroid miner you've been sent to investigate a freighter bound for the Jovian Repbublic, where something has gone horribly wrong..... So speak up if you'd like to play, I have a few buddies who are interested but no firm commitments yet.
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    Hi there!
    Hi there! Fellow Stross/Doctorow fan here too. I love stories, and I'm not particularly flaky. Between playing a few games of EP and listening to the Know Evil EP podcast, I'm fairly familiar with the rules as well. I'd be interested in joining you if we can get the scheduling to work. I live and work in the south bay, so getting to SF is a bit of a haul and may not be especially practical on work nights. Once or twice a month would be doable as long as we can get a day/time that works.
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    Good to meet you!
    Thanks for the interest! Let's see if we can get a couple more players in the area. Depending where we find people there might be someplace in the mid-Peninsula or we can always use Skype if that's how things go. Interested to hear how your previous games went.
    - I've only been with the company for a few weeks now, but I've seen shit that would turn you white! - Winston Zeddemore
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    Damn, I posted an LFG months
    Damn, I posted an LFG months ago, haven't been checking back since. PM me the details if you guys are still doing this. I'm in San Francisco, and I'm be down to play.
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    This may be a bit of thread necromancy, but I'd love to join a game. I live in the Outer Sunset of SF and have a relatively open schedule. Monday or Wednesday evenings would be ideal. I haven't played EP before, but have decades of experience with RPG's. I also have an abiding love of Stross and Doctorow, but Walter Jon Williams, John C. Wright, and Wil McCarthy certainly deserve a mention as well.