Looking for players for online game in gmt (0,+1, +2)

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Looking for players for online game in gmt (0,+1, +2)

Want to get a skype ep game going now that my work schedule is less flexible than before.
Pm me if interested.

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Why, hello there...

Why, hello there...

I am interested. GMT+1 here.

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Herro there. I'm GMT 0, and I have an itch I need to scratch mang, color me interested.

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Im going for a conspiracy

Im going for a conspiracy high/ combat medium/low campaign. Starting of on Mars, going brinkwards or exo. specialisations in academics migth be more important than in plasmarifles.

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Very interested. Gmt+1.

Very interested. Gmt+1.
Will be out of stable mesh reach for the next two weeks. But I do have a character, unless collaboration or input from the gm is of the essence.
Let's make this happen!

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Have to decline, because of

Have to decline, because of time related issues sadly :/

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Pity GreyBrother. Seems like

Pity GreyBrother. Seems like I have room for atleast one more player then... Any takers?

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I'm game. Got a character

I'm game. Got a character written up but this will be my first game. Some degree of hand-holding might be required. If thats an issue then, no offense taken. GMT 0.

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I am in as well

I would love to join also if there are any slots left.

Hammer my bones on the anvil of daylight.

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when would we play?

That the dealmaker or breaker for me
I'm in Belgium, that's GMT +1

I've got a character nearly ready, only need to get a morph and gear (packs)

Q U I N C E Y ^_*_^ F O R D E R

Remember The Cant!

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when to play?

well i don't have specific time in mind, but it would be great if we could find two days/ times in common and alternate between them from session to session depending on which is better for the majority.

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I will be playing Castor Reed

I will be playing Castor Reed (oligarch pre-gen) third son of an oligarch that owns and operates an old earth investment firm. At 117 yrs old Castor has grown disillusioned with life and humanity. (immortality blues) He is sleeved anonymously in a neotenic to try and start back at the beginning and regain some sort of appreciation for the world by undergoing something like a second childhood.

Hammer my bones on the anvil of daylight.

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A lot of people are

A lot of people are interested about online game and me as well. Can you give me more information about this please? I'm so interested but I need to have more background information about this online game. Thank you for sharing.

record contract

recording agreement

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Hi, there. currently there

Hi, there. currently there are around three definite players. We are looking to get a charachter generation session going soon. What time zone are you in and what time and day is best for you to game. We use skype for the actual gameplay. The game was described to me as conspiracy heavy combat light, which means a lot of roleplay and investigation with a sprinkle of violence. let me know if you have anymore questions. I am in contact with the GM daily on skype, also you could pm your skype name and ill send you an invite.

Hammer my bones on the anvil of daylight.

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anyone else want in on this

anyone else want in on this game? if so than please pm either me or Arquebus and we'll get this story started.

Hammer my bones on the anvil of daylight.

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Summertime wasnt the best

Summertime wasnt the best time to try to start a game apparently. Im postponing it untikll atleast augustso there is still a possibility to get in. Im still going to aim for a high conspirasy lowish combat campaign. And you will be more likely to haveto figh tooth and nail than with a plasma rifle.

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Now that summer is winding down(still freakishly warm here in Oslo), and my workschedule is on schedule, im trying to bring my ep game back from vaporware. Mondays is my best day but that is negotiable.

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Skype Gaming

I am highly interested in becoming a part in this - I sent you a PM and look forward to your reply. Cheers.

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From France and interested


I'm from france but speak english quite fluently (i hop so at least). I'm very interested in EP ang GMing for my regular group of players in live sessions. But i would be quite interesting in being a player as well. Skype works fine for me.

I just created a new account and will send you a PM as soon as i found the button.

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you know my answer

As per our pm. Im game.

Hammer my bones on the anvil of daylight.

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If there is room

Greetings! If there is still any room left I would very much like to join. GMT+2

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Im definitely want in.

Im definitely want in.

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Still in already?

Hi guys,

Since Arquebus hasn't been getting back to - at least - me, I would like to propose some gaming myself. I will start of with a one shot, we can see how it works out, and keep going from there. Here are a couple of details, as a baseline:

We play GMT +1, only Tuesdays and Wednesdays at least twice a months, best via Skype.
I will organize all logistics via Facebook, so you should have a Facebook account.
The intro setting will be the Jovian Republic, secret service. We will take it from there, and I MAY be tempted to allow other characters.
It will be dark, gritty, paranoid. Not much high-echelon politics.

That's my idea of it, please feel free to suggest by PM only!