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Looking for a online group

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Looking for a online group
Hello, I am very new to eclipse phase. But I LOVE the lore of the world and the openness compared to other rpgs. DnD has become stale and I would like to dive into something more intense. I have a decent amount of experience with dnd as a dm and player. Im still reading through the core book now, but I would love to get into a group and play. Im open to character suggestions from the GM but I want to try a hacking archetype or a pure stealth gunslinger. Down below is a couple rough drafts that I would love some ideas on from anyone! PLEASE tell me how to improve these ideas. Timezone CST. I am not a huge fan of postbypost
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You might want to check in on
You might want to check in on our Fan Discord server here to find a group too: http://www.eclipsephase.com/fandiscord-eclipse-phase