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Looking For Group - Twin Cities Metro Area, Minnesota

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Looking For Group - Twin Cities Metro Area, Minnesota
Hello! Just discovered Eclipse Phase and I'm eager to play it! I have experience playing multiple RPGs from D&D to Shadowrun. GM/DM experience only with D&D (2E, 3E, 4E). I've been playing RPGs since '94. Thursday nights are taken as I DM and play 4E D&D. I'd like to try and get my D&D group to switch to Eclipse Phase but that might not happen (I'd much rather play than GM though). Plus I've found it's easier to GM if you've played the game as a player first. My schedule is open in the evenings and weekends. I'm not interested in playing online. Thanks!
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In the metro area
New to running an eclipse phase game, have a couple people in our group, fairly sporadic and no guarantee when we play as I am still getting my head around the game. Can't guarantee anything at the moment as I am working on the sequel to our first campaign. I tend to come up with games over the top and with big outcomes or stakes up or grabs. I don't do intrigue or suspense very well, I think I do strike teams and combat , search and destroy(aliens) fairly well. We may be up for another player in the future, keeping in mind I am very new to running it. I have been gaming since '97, played many rpg's, ran several, mostly vampire the masquerade, legend of the five rings, some dungeons and dragons, rolemaster.
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Forgot to mention
When my work schedule allows it we play on weekends, mostly Saturdays as we tend to go fairly early morning to later at night.
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Weekly or Monthly Saturdays?
Do you play every weekend? I don't think I can give up a whole Saturday every week. If it was once a month, probably.
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I am in southern mn. where
I am in southern mn. where and when?
Valadus2001 Valadus2001's picture
Not all the time
We do not play every Saturday. Maybe once a month as schedules do not always permit frequent playing. Saturday is the best day for all of us here even though it is not more than once a month. Haven't played for awhile because we finished up our first campaign and I am still working out adventures for our next one.
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Available for Once A Month
I'd be up for once a month on Saturdays, or some day on the weekend. Let me know when you get started, I'd be interested in joining. I live in Plymouth, MN - hopefully that's close.
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We are neighbors
We live in crystal, mn
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Howdy Neighbor!
Cool. Good news!
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I live in Saint Paul and am available most weekends. I am really excited to try EP! Are you guys still looking?
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Still Looking For Group
@cyrtis I'm still looking for a group. I have not heard back from @Valadus2001 beyond the postings in this forum.