looking to form a group in Kitsap County (outside Seattle)

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looking to form a group in Kitsap County (outside Seattle)
A friend and I are looking to form a meatspace pen/paper group on the Kitsap peninsula, across Puget Sound from Seattle. Options for hosting are my place in Port Orchard, his in Bremerton, or another venue to be determined. Our style is more "roleplay" than "rollplay", and I am a big fan of the horror elements of the EP setting. We're not set on any particular variety of EP game, so we can do a Firewall campaign or other open storylines. I'm willing to be GM but have only done EP as a player and haven't GM'd any kind of game in a long time. But the Kitsap is far enough away from Seattle (~1hr by ferry or car), that I'm not sure what kind of EP representation there is here. Both of us are new overall to the area, so we're not plugged in much to the local RPG scene (hoping to change that) to entice non-EP players to experiment with the game/setting. Not looking to include any remote/Skype-in players at this time, as I'd like to see if we can get in-person group going. Thanks!
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Just moved to the area as well...
I just moved back to Seattle from NY and am looking for a game as well, I would be up to traveling to Port Orchard or Bremerton.
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I actually live in Union,
I actually live in Union, near Port Orchard. This may be fun :)
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Since trouserles posted the
Since trouserles posted the first message in May you may (argh!) have to send a PM. Perhaps trouserles doesn't check the forum that often but hopefully has linked PM notifications to an e-mail account.
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I live in Tukwila, and would
I live in Tukwila, and would be willing to travel. Alternately, if we have 4-5 people, I'd be willing to host a meatspace group.
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hey all,
hey all, just returned from being internet deprived in rural Canada [had to escape 4th of July fireworks for the sake of my dog]. I haven't had much response until just recently [all of you above] but am thrilled to finally see some interest! I think it'd be a good idea to find a time/place for us to meet up and discuss what kind of game we're interested in, possible character concepts, logistics/locale, etc. interested folks can email me at jef AT geekradical.org looking forward to meeting folks and a possible game! jef