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Long shot but, Player looking for group in Seoul

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Long shot but, Player looking for group in Seoul
I'm an expat living in Seoul, South Korea. I've role-played in the past, but I'm new to Eclipse Phase. I'm looking for a group that can meet several times a months. I prefer playing, but I could give running a game a try. I'm not experienced though.
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A Bit Out
I was browsing the forums and surprised to see this. I may end up in Seoul in a year (or Daejun), but if you were stilled interested in this by that time, I would love to put together a group. That being noted, I have not played EP ever and am only in my first tabletop game (Pathfinder) right now. So I am no where near being experienced. I just happened to stumble upon this and, sometime in the future, would love to play it since it's right down my alley. Putting this out there for future reference, although a year is far out.
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I actually used to live in
I actually used to live in Incheon and travelled to Seoul to game on the weekends, so I know there are gamers out there! I even ran EP out there, actually. Check out Meetup which has a group called English-Speaking Roleplayers in Seoul (I think I got the name right). They do things like boardgames in Hyehwa and I know one of the main organizers is an EP fan - and he's on this forum too, though I can't remember his username.