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Long or Short fork?

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Long or Short fork?
If you guys don't mind, I had a few other questions regarding "Forking", one of the more interesting aspects of EP in my opinion. What exactly is going on when a character re-integrates with a fork? I get the impression that the fork is taking on a boring/dangerous task as, in essence, a proxy for the character. And when/should they return they are sublimed into the origional character's ego... the character gains experience and for all intents and purposes the fork's existence ends. Correct? Can a fork be edited to carry out specific actions or actions contrary to the origional's nature? For example, say you have a fork from a terrorist leader, could you tamper with the fork to make it believe you are a confident and it would reveal it's latest dastardly plan? On that note, if a fork is used in a "gatecrashing" operation can/is it's memories edited in some specific manner in the event that the Pandora Gate leads to capture by the TITANS (or something else out there that may not need to know how things are doing back in the solar system)? Is there any indicator that would conclusively identify an ego as a fork? And if such an indicator existed can it be "planted" so to speak on an origional to make it look like THEY were the fork? I seem to recall that there was an upper limit to how many forks a character could generate... is this in the interest of game mechanics or is there an aspect of forking that makes more than (I think it was 5) copies dangerous or impossible. Could a bizzare narcissist create a colony of themselves so to speak? If a fork could conclusively prove that it's origional ego, and any other forks for that matter, were permanently dead would it be treated in essence as an heir of the character as far as property was concerned? And in reputation-based economies is a fork's reputation equal to that of it's origional ego (likewise, can the actions of a fork effect a origional ego's reputation if it decides to strike out on it's own)? Finally. Do you need to be H+ to have a fork? Or can a fork be taken from a largely baseline "flat" without requiring their transformation into an Infomorph entity? Just thought that could be cool... a lapsed "bioconservative" that finds a way to have their cake and see the solar system too. As always, thanks!
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I have been looking at the fork rules
And I can answer most of your questions: What are the Re-Integration rules: they seem to be few and far between. Personally as a GM I would let the players use fork's experiences as a way to cover the "used this skill recently" requirement. Alternately I think of XP as something that is awarded to players, so the number of forks shouldn't effect it. If you had a fork of a terrorist could you make him reveal his plot: Yes see psycho-surgery (not a psy power, but in the same section) Can you tell a fork from an original: Sci/Fi post singularity canon says no, but that's really up to the GM. My guess is that if you did allow for some sort of "mark of the original" trait, then you could also force loosing it. (Upload the person, wipe there bodies brain, shove them back in. They are no longer the original.) If you could fake a "mark of the original" or not is up to the GM Is there an upper limit to the number of forks you can make: this is explicitly stated to be "no". You can make as many copies of yourself as you want. Can someone make a colony of themselves: Yes, at least one of these is mentioned in passing. How do Forks property / reputation rights work: It depends where you are. (different locations imply different answers to this question) Can a "Flat" be forked: Yes. This is clearly stated.