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In Lighter News
GetRichOrDieTrying@ExtropiaBodyBank.net My clade had me run a market study on adult XP's in Jovian space. You wouldn't believe the markup we get there, but more surprising is the volume, per capita, Jovians watch more porn the most scum fleets, about 260% more than Titan and about 120% more than Mars. And get this, about 60% of it is what would be considered gay or lesbian erotica. I guess when something is taboo it just gives you that much more incentive to do it. Its quasi legal there, (like bribing the mesh network admins for premium access on Mars) unless you're a major distributor you can expect to get away with some fines and a slap on the wrist. I read somewhere that on Titan many gay couples are getting bored with marriage, especially those who have been married for over 50 years. Meanwhile the Jovians are going at it in the broom closet like lemurs during mating season. I guess its cause the Junta is one of the few places where being outed still has major societal repercussions. Leave it the fascists to put the thrill back into being a homosexual.
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It is obvious what needs to
It is obvious what needs to be done. Produce lots of porn XPs that educate the Jovian masses about what they are missing out on, both culturally and technologically. So how do we pornify a typical Anarchist general assembly?
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Scum don't need to watch as
Scum don't need to watch as much porn since you'll see more spending a day on a scum ship than watching the entire porn collection of your average Jovian. You ever been to a scum party? There are still places that have a problem with homosexuality?!
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I've always found the
I've always found the mentality these people operate under IMPOSSIBLE to comprehend. Yeah, let's go ahead an waste our one life (even though it doesn't have to be one anymore) denying ourselves things we know we would enjoy. How would you even begin to make this make sense? I'm actually board with dealing with scum body mods ever since the pink biolumenecence fad died out, and these people are trying to tell themselves something that wouldn't even get looked at if it was happening in the streets anywhere else is somehow a big deal.
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