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A discussion about the concept of Lifecasting and sousvillance with one of my players brought some interesting points to the table. I am specially interested in knowing what other GMs are doing when it comes to keeping a secret Firewall identity while being a lifecaster or lifelogger. Wouldn't it be tricky if someone was to check on those "missing moments" when the PCs are incognito? How would it affect their credibility ratings, for instance? One of my main NPCs is going to be a tough gonzo lifelogger and I am concerned as to what he would do to keep players identities hidden. At the moment, he works with in situ scramblers that censor the biometrics of those around him when he chooses too. We also discussed quite a bit about the concept of privacy in a information overloaded environment, I wrote a little essay about it, though it's not specially game-related: http://docs.google.com/Doc?docid=0ATm1_gWNcm2WZGZyNHYyamtfMTIwZzNwOWJtZ2...
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