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Life Path - For Proofing

Here's the alternative character creation life path system layout draft:

Like the others, we're looking for proof corrections: typos, bad grammar, wrong info, etc.

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So I am going through the

So I am going through the system, and I reached Step 9. I am rolling for my faction, and it says to roll on the faction tables below. I assume this is meant to be tables 3.4 -> 3.14, but those are labelled as Focus Package.

Is this a mistake? Are those supposed to be labelled Faction Package?


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Yeah those headers are

Yeah those headers are mistakenly labeled.

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I'm going to have to skip

I'm going to have to skip over this. We're pressed for time, so I going to focus my playtest efforts on morphs and remote controlling shells. I feel I would get more mileage from those, than I would form life path stuff.

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So, what happens when you get

So, what happens when you get two or three different "Next Path" entry, when you're rolling your backgrounds? Do you just pick one?

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You use the last one rolled.

You use the last one rolled.

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A few thing I found

p. 52, Table 1.9: Created not Born
I think pre-Fall AGIs and uplifts should skip Step 5 (age). They aren't old as much as human.

p. 54
>For some characters, this step may
represent only a handful of years immediately after
the Fall.

I am figuring "after" should be "before".

p. 56, Pre-Fall Life Event
I can't read what is written at 99-100 column.

p. 59, Table 3.2
On 1-6 roll, I should use same path as I last rolled in Step 2. But Step 2 says nothing about fanction package, only focus package.

p. 59, Table 3.4: Autonomist
I am figuring "FOCUS PACKAGE" should be "FACTION PACKAGE". Same applies to Table 3.5 to 3.14.

p. 61, Step 10: Choose/roll More Package
>1 PP in Focus or Customization packages (Step 6)

Some chracters (Lost and after-Fall AGI) skip from Step 5 to Step 9 (p. 52, Table 1.9: Created not Born), so don't have this PP.

And, it is possible to have 11 PP (3 PP from Step 3, 1 PP from Step 6, 6 PP from Step 9 and 1 PP from Fall Event Table). What happens at such time?

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Life path proofing. I've been

Life path proofing. I've been through the whole thing a couple times this is evrything I found.

Page 48, Motivations; 1st paragraph, last sentence,
"...character's personality and back-history"
just "history" or "back-story" would probably be better.

Page 49.

Page 54, Adult Paths, table 2.1
the d10 roll for Techie needs to be center justified in the cell.

Page 54, Adult Path Table
There's an empty red brick at the end of the table that could be cleaned up if you have nothing to fill it.

Page 54, Adult Paths, First row of table
should say: "D10 ROLL RESULT"

Page 54, Adult Paths,
Table 2.1; New path result, Column Headings should be Bolded to match the rest of the table

Page 54, Advanced Age Table
There's an issue with the table border on the right side. Or the cell backgrounds have been bumped to the right and should be centered in the table.

Page 55, Table 2.12
the first two cells in the resulst column need to be left justified to match the rest of the tables.

Page 56 Pre Fall Events Table, Entry: 87-88
"you take care of some way in a way that..."
you take care of someone in a way that...

Page 59, Table 3.1 Focus Packages, 1-6 Result.
"Roll on the same path table you last rolled on previously in step 2
Step 2 is native language. I think this should refer to the result in step 3 or step 6.

Page 59, Table 3.2 Faction Packages, 1-6 Result.
"Roll on the same path table you last rolled on previously in step 2
Step 2 is native language. I think this should refer to the result in step 3 or step 6.

Page 60, Table 3.14
Title reads: "Table 3.14: AGIS AND UPLIFTS"
Should read: "Table 3.14: AGI'S AND UPLIFTS"
better would be: "Table 3.4: AGI's AND UPLIFTS"

Page 61, Post Fall Life Event Table;
Entry 16
"...leave you permanently changes."
Should be changed
Entry 18
"In order to keep up with the stress of your responsibilities, you fall in to bad habits."
The comma is unnecessary and leaves me looking for a second clause in the subject.
Entry 20
"You use the post-Fall..."
I'm not sure if post in the hyphenated term Post-Fall is supposed to be capitalized, It seems to be in other instances. I believe the term is used like Anno Domini which is always capitalized.
Entry 21
"After an unfortunate incident leads to lack, you decide..."
I believe this refers to a condition named 'Lack' as a proper noun it should be capitalized. Even if lack is just used in the parlance as informal jargon it would help to capitalize it otherwise this looks like a sentence stub.
Entry 23
"Through a strange set of circumstances, you end up with..."
probably no comma between circumstances and you.
Entry 27
LOL! Cute. Just thought you should know. This is the type of random thing that will derail an entire campaign, you forgot to mention that the bot is entirely invincible.

I really enjoyed some of the life path and gate crashing events. Lots of humor and some GM hooks to be had. I'd make all characters roll on these tables once just for fun.
Good Stuff.

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On table 2:12, the Async,

On table 2:12, the Async, Async Adept and Mentalist options have an asterix/cross without anything describing what they point at.


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Anarchist Adult Path?

On table 1.2, on a roll of 0 for next path, for those who grew up among a disaster or war, your next path is "anarchist". maybe I'm just missing it listed, but I don't see that as a path anywhere...

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