[LFP] Wensdays 3PM PST - Extropian Based Mercenary Company

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[LFP] Wensdays 3PM PST - Extropian Based Mercenary Company

Heya, looking for two or maybe 3 players for an EP game set in the Asteroid belt for a merc company that works out of Extopia, and tries to use their crazy individualism to shield themselves from being basically a PMC.

So far we have 3 players. We have a morph designer hyper elite, and medic. We have an AGI in a swarminiod morph with some hacking ability. We have an ex yakuza criminal face type.

I'm starting the game with a Pre Fall Primer. This is kinda of a tutorial area, and also setting up some story stuff I am hoping to use in the future. The Pre Fall stuff takes place in Lancaster, Ca, USA. (The combined city of Lancaster and Palmdale). Edwards Air and Space base was just nuked, resulting in a good chunk of Palmcaster to be in ruins. The PCs were at a dinner party, when the nuke went off. Right now two of the PCs are under the influence of a buddy brick. They've just made it down to ground floor, after securing a car. They're now going to try to egress to either Bakersfield, ca to the egocasting facility, or to Mexico City for its Space Elevator. I think we'll be doing one more game of this, maybe two, depending on how the players feels and where it ends up.

Then the post fall stuff, the set up is that the player characters havent seen each other for about ten or more years and have met up on Extropia, and decided to form a Merc Company. Which may have some Firewall leaning, and some not.

For CG, its pretty straight forward, pretty vanilla. 1000 point characters. Everyone needs to be from Earth as their background, and but you can pick different background for their mechanical benefits. I dont really care if you're in Firewall, so far only one character is really. And group has leaning toward it. I dont really care if you're part of Ozma or any of the Covert Intelligence agencies that exist. Its the belt, its the melting pot of Sol.

I also would like a 500ish point version of your character for the pre fall stuff. Though that maybe unnecessary since we maybe closing that up next session.

We're currently using Discord for voice chat, and we're using roll20 for the character sheet and rolling.

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Discord Invite: https:/

Discord Invite: https://discord.gg/wacwN -- I'll try to keep up on replacing this link.

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How late is this running?

How late is this running? Might work for me.

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3-4 hours so far. I'd like to

3-4 hours so far. I'd like to keep it closer to 3.

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I'd be intreseted in this

If you'll have me I'll shoot you my info and a character

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https://discord.gg/j5veG --

https://discord.gg/j5veG -- Sure come by the uh, discord room. This invite should be good for 24hours after this posting.

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