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LFP online game

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LFP online game
I have had little luck finding a game myself So I'm looking to run a game. (still looking to play in a game sometime) I am looking to run the game on friday evenings EST. As of now my plan is to do the game over skype, however I am open to trying out google hangouts and roll20. New players more then welcome. This would be my first time too. I have experience GMing various games from Shadowrun to Rifts. I like to run my games moderately light. I'm fine with jokes and riffing during the game as long as people can refocus just as quickly. The kind of campaign I run will largely depend on What everyone wants to play. So the first time we meet will likely be for character discussion and laying out what kind of game we all want. I have familiarized myself with the rules so I can help people out with character creation if they like. I also have a group license for singularity, so I can share that with the group. simply reply with any questions or interest here in this thread. if you already have a character concept your interested in feel free to mention that too.
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Hey there. As I mentioned in
Hey there. As I mentioned in your other thread, my in-person EP group is breaking up, so I am interested in some on-line gaming. I'm in PST, but my Friday afternoons are likely free, so that time will work for me. I don't have any character ideas or campaign preferences at the moment.
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I PMed my skype contact to
I PMed my skype contact to you.
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Interest, willing to commit
Interest, willing to commit to playing just about any game or character, but I won't be fully online until about 5PM EST on Fridays, and only partially active via phone until then.
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I have sent you my skype
I have sent you my skype contact info
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Acatalepsy told me about this
Acatalepsy told me about this, and he's a pretty cool guy so I'm interested. Only problem is I hang out with friends every Friday night, so I need to be out of the house by 6PM PST. Assuming we can work around that consider me a potential player.
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I would like to join your game, I have a wide range of experience with EP as both a player & Gm. I am on Pst and I am free every Friday evening too so no conflicts with that with the exception of maybe the 26th but probably will be free then too. As for ingame I love to RP and stay in character, but I like an adventure even more, so in other words I know when its time for quick one liners and time to march forth with the quest X) I have & use skype, with a fairly nice audio setup too so that's not a problem as well as I am quite familiar with roll20 and its macros.
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I have an open schedule...
...and I would love to play some EP. I like technical/hacker characters but am open to anything. I prefer skype for voice and roll 20 for dice/maps/etc. Let me know if you are still accepting applications
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sorry I did not reply to you
sorry I did not reply to you guys sooner, holidays kept me busy. I'll be sending skype contacts to all of you. Spardason, right now the game looks to be a t 6pm on friday. if we are able to find another time then you of course are welcome to join. I'll go ahead and send you skype contact info just in case
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No, 6PM EST works fine for me
No, 6PM EST works fine for me. I'm 3 hours behind you after all in the Pacific zone. ;)