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[LFM - ONLINE: Skype/Maptools] Starting up new campaign, looking for 1-3 more players.

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[LFM - ONLINE: Skype/Maptools] Starting up new campaign, looking for 1-3 more players.
Hey all, recently the online group I typically play with has started up a new Eclipse Phase game with me at the helm as the GM. I've had some experience running games, having run a Pathfinder campaign and a 4e D&D one in the past. I'm also big on horror and sci-fi and Eclipse Phase was pretty much the perfect system to run for me. Recently though, through a number of unfortunate circumstances we've dwindled down to about 3 regular players who can show up for games. We use Skype and a program called Maptools (Version 1.4) which can be found online for free. We've played all sorts of systems and genres, so if you're a newbie you'll find plenty of people willing to help teach you the ropes. Of course veteran players are also more than welcome. - I hope to run a fairly long, decent campaign and would love to have about 1-3 more players on board for the ride. - We use voice chat to RP, bullshit and all that, so having an okay mic is a must. - Typically games start around 6:30 PM PST and run till about 10-11PM PST on Saturdays. We're pretty lax about emergencies or holidays, so don't worry too much if you can't make a session for whatever reason. Feel free to leave some questions here and PM me with your skype if you're interested, thanks!
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Color me interested. Dropped
Color me interested. Dropped you a PM.
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Would be very interested.
Would be very interested. Aslo going to PM you.