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[LFG][Roll20][Discord] Zombieland
Hi everyone, I'm looking for 4 players for a standard Firewall game. The Players will be a group of Sentinels pulled together by convinience, who may or may not have worked together in the past. The game can run either Tuesday or Sunday 6:30pm to 10pm EST. Requirements: The ability to have fun, access to Discord and Roll20, and a willingness to put up with a new GM Please note, I am not as experienced with EP as some people, so no experience required. If you're interested, go to https://app.roll20.net/lfg/listing/70103/eclipse-phase-zombieland and apply on the forums there. I've also got a question forum if you need have any.
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I'm interested, but I've got
I'm interested, but I've got a couple different characters I'd have to choose from. Can you please elaborate a bit on the game, such as where it will take place in the solar system?
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Of Course
So the game will be starting in the main belt and headed outward, with the potential for gatecrashing if the players are interested. I'm not overly interested in going towards the inner system yet.
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Is this game startup still a
Is this game startup still a thing?