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LFG(GM Seeking) - Online Game- Google Hangouts.

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LFG(GM Seeking) - Online Game- Google Hangouts.
SEEKING GM Online Game - Currently Seeking GM - Medium:Google Hangouts & Roll 20 We have a few people Interested on both http://forum.rpg.net/showthread.php?704616-Interest-recruitment-Eclipse-... (RPG.net) & on Google Hangouts. Personal Wants: I personally would like to do a game where people explore the universe so perhaps Gate Crashing, Politics, Intrigue. I am EST/EDT- I am not sure what the other potential players. (though I'd suspect that it maybe PST or Central.) I am more of a player, but i'd be willing to foot ideas, or help plot. Just not confident enough to run, unles someone wants to help me out with running.
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IF you have space for another player would you let me know, Please. Thanks in advance, Esp
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