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LFG- US Central time zone


I have run some table top games of EP but have never gotten to play. I am free most Fridays and some Sundays, the other days it depends. Any free and open online medium works for me. Anyway drop me a line and I can give you more details about myself.

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Wanting to play or run soon! x3

Hey there, Mega. How's it going? I was browsing for good sci-fi rpgs and found this, Traveller, and Diaspora, and I'm totally interested! Reading the QSR right now, but if you want a GM and can find another player or to I'd totally be willing to run a game for you!
You can hit me up on Skype!

Skype: dogbreath91

Catch ya later!

Central Time in North America
Generally free as of now
Interested in dark, gritty, and character-driven/interpersonal conflict, harsh first encounter games to start with :3

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