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LFG Rules

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LFG Rules
Looking for a group with whom you can play Eclipse Phase? Post your inquiries here. Please do not use this forum for luring people into the back of your unmarked white kidnapper LLOTV and selling them into informorph slavery. You can do that on MySpace 21x6.

Also, don't feel I should have to say this, but there are always some brain donors out there: If you're looking to meet up with other players and GMs, please be careful about posting and/or sharing contact info.
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Kidnapping is hard enough

Kidnapping is hard enough already. Why do you have to make it worse?
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Re: Kidnapping is hard enough
Something that bugs me in recent LFGs... Please, Group-lookers, post your Timezone, or general location. This forum sports not only people from central europe or western US, but we also have AFAIK one chinese and some australians. Have a checklist. Things to include in your LFG:
  • A short writeup on who you are. No one expects a novel. Just some basics so people get a general idea of who the ego is, they are dealing with.
  • Your Expectations This is important. You don't like Play by Post? Good. Write it down. You prefer Play by Post because your working hours are a little bit "giddy"? Then write that down. And not only the method of play, also the genre of the story told. There's not much fun to be had, when you prefer to play games with many explosions and your prospective group is in the middle of a game about corporate intrigue on Venus. Just tell your prospective group, what you want to get from a game.
  • Your general location. This is only improtant when you look for a classic Pen and Paper game. It avoids getting all worked up for your group to be and yourself, when in the end, the table you want to join is located in Dresden, Germany and you are a player from Rapid City, US.
  • When do you have time? This is actually more important than the location question for most games. You can't play when your spare time is right about when your prospective group members are getting up and going to work. Timezone is important too. While i'd love to see everybody using GMT as a reference point (since i was teached that it was the international standard and "everyone" knows their time in relation to GMT, but that could be a european bias), i just want to point out again that this forum sports people from all over the world and not everybody knows instinctively what CET means. My advice would be on using simply both, if you are familiar with it.
  • A little bit of self-advertising Why should a group allow you to join? Mind you, this point is wholly optional, of course, but consider this: You want a(n established) social circle to let you in on the fun. The more reasons you give them, the bigger the chance you find a group that fits you. Another point would be grammar and spelling. You look for a play by post or chatgame, but everything you write loks liek tis? Good luck finding a group, you need it. Still, people want to be able to read what you write, so it is important even if you are looking for a table-game. Just write some cues, ie: Characters you prefer, and why YOU should play an Uplift blue-whale corporate spy What fascinates you most in the game world Or if you lack both, simply tell how you came into eclipse phase. It always makes a good story.