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LFG Play by Post!!

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LFG Play by Post!!
Very interested in playing a play by forum/play by post with some committed people. I've never actually played the game and am willing to GM, but I'd rather be a player if there is a GM out there. Respond if interested!
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in play, not GMing. I could probably commit to one post/week. Often more, but not always. I tried a PbP once before, and it kinda broke down with a mismatch of expectations between players/GM. I think to make PbP work that's something that we really must have ironed out.
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Hey Nate, there's another
Hey Nate, there's another thread going on here: http://eclipsephase.com/player-seeking-play-post-group If you're interested, that'll make three (the other two being me and zopaque).
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