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LFG Online - I am located in US Central Time

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LFG Online - I am located in US Central Time
I am looking to join an online group. I am US Central Time, and can be flexible about time or day (although I prefer weekends). I prefer to play once a week if possible. Reply to this or send me a message if interested. I have only played one session of EP before the group fell apart.
sedatephobic_snyth sedatephobic_snyth's picture
I'm interested. Also central
I'm interested. Also central, and weekends are good for me. I've made a couple of characters, but the games have always fallen apart before any playtime.
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Now that my weekly game
Now that my weekly game nights have dropped from a peak of three at one point down to just one, I'd be very interested in a weekly online game, preferably text-based, though I'd be willing to do a voice chat game as well if that were the only option. I'm also central, mostly available in the evenings. I could theoretically do weekends, but since I'm more likely to have others plans come up then, I'd prefer a weeknight.