LFG for an [Online] game

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LFG for an [Online] game

I have been reading a lot about EP over the holiday and wanted to throw out some feelers for any online games looking for new players, or games that will be starting up soon.

What I am looking for:
The only hard-lines I have are these: Mics are a must and I am looking for more than just a one-off thing, not asking for a lifelong campaign commitment, I just want enough time to really get into a story. I'd say at least 10 hours totaled playtime (2-3 sessions) minimum.

Other than those two things I am pretty flexible, but here are some things I'd like to see: A good mix of both combat and non-combat throughout the campaign/adventure. A group with an appreciation for why games have rule-sets, but still understanding that the most important thing is having fun, and, as far as setting goes I don't care too much, other than to say I don't really want to play a bio-conservative/bio-con sympathizer :P.

My normal RPG group meets Saturdays so those are a no go for me (Can't convince them to play EP XP) but I am open all Sunday and (at least for now) weekdays after 6PM EST. I am based EST, but late nights aren't a huge deal for me so long as we could wrap up by 3-4 AM EST.

About me:
New to Eclipse phase but not RPGs. Also worth noting that while new to EP I have been looking over the system for a while (longer than just the holidays). I've made a few characters with the core-book system, and read a good portion of the post-character creation sections as well. As far as non-EP systems go I played 3.5 for years with my regular group and we switched over to pathfinder pretty much as soon as it's core book released, and I have one-shot experience with a few other systems as well. To name a few: Shadowrun 5th .ed, Call of Cthulhu RPG, and the Dnd 4th and 5th editions.

PM me, reply to the thread, or use my Skype.
Skype: indekkusutaku (Index LP)