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LFG Online game

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LFG Online game
I've played a little and I have GM'd a game very briefly (end of college cut it short), so I'm comfortable with the core rulebook and have a hazy recollection of the first expansion. I work 2pm-10pm CST M-F, but my weekends are completely open. I won't have a working mic for skype until November 15th when I return home (currently visiting family & working full-time as previously noted). As for characters, I'm willing to fill any gaps to round out a crew, and have very little preference on setting or metaplot. I just wanna play me some EP.
VR Superstars
You're wannabe superstars for the Starcraft of transhumanity's future. Think Call of Duty or Battlefield only with transhuman technology. That's what we're playing. We're in #X-Com on irc.rizon.net. No maptools, but there will be maps. You'll see, if you join up.