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LFG Online CST

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LFG Online CST
Hello everyone! My name is Matt, and I've been playing RPGs for a little over 10 years now. My experience is mostly in D&D although I also have a good bit of experience in Shadowrun (Both running and playing for those.) I also have smaller experience playing a few other systems like CoC, Warhammer Fantasy (The RPG) and Savage Worlds. I haven't played EP yet, sadly. I've been looking for a game of EP for (literally) years, but they've generally been hard to find. I have (slight) preferences for online games (via Roll20 or similar) about gatecrashing, but I'm more interested in getting my foot in the door, so I won't be overly choosy. My time zone is CST, and unfortunately, my work schedule is a bit constrictive at the moment. I can do any weekday other than Tuesday or Thursday from 7-10 (Fridays could go later, if needed.) I might be able to do Saturdays, but not weekly. Sundays are pretty much open.
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I feel you
Matt: Hello. I've been watching your post - and the lack of response to it. I've been looking for a game of EP for (literally) years, too. I've been working on putting something together I'd like to run on Roll20 for a while (the pictures in my head are filtered through 2001: A Space Odyssey, Alien, Europa Report, Event Horizon, Infini, Pandorum, Sunshine, etc.) I tinker with it from time-to-time as a way of chilling. Despite owning every book Posthuman Studios has put out, I've never run or played EP. To be honest, I'm super intimidated by how crunchy it is. The last game I ran was Sagas of the Icelanders that ran for a year. I don't think you could get further from EP. I enjoy smart sci-fi, cyberpunk, conspiracy theories, and thinking about the philosophical implications of technology. As a GM, I use a lot of maps and charts to keep track of things. I'm a middle-aged designer from Scotland, living in the US (EST). Among other things, I build strange electronic devices, and make robots that get exhibited in museums. I work a lot. The Sagas of the Icelanders game I ran was every other week (twice a month) late (for me) on a weekday. I think that is still doable. I should be able to start sometime in May if you are interested, and we can find some other players. I've put a lot of time into creating Roll20 handouts of every EP table, pregen, and NPC from first edition (I'm an EP 2.0 backer - but I just have too much time sunk into what I have already set up). The game will be run on Roll20 with Skype (or Discord if preferred) for voice. Characters will start as recent freelance recruits of Odyssey Solutions a salvage operation registered on Mars, that works the Main Belt. Why your character took this job is up to you. For the first mission you will be farcasting onto the Staroveký Námorník. Options for resleeving are severely limited - only worker pods, security pods, or case morphs are available to start with - and only gear you can find. If your character's cortical stack is intact by the end of the mission, I expect they will have been recruited as a Firewall Sentinel and are due whatever morph they want. Beyond that, I'm happy to go where players, and the story want to go. If creeping around a derelict spaceship worrying about where the exsurgents are, while not truly knowing whether you are working for a hypercapitalist sociopath or an anarchist AI sounds like your kind of thing, please let me know. I put some more information at https://questionablethings.obsidianportal.com/ Cheers.
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I'd definitely be interested in that. I actually marginally prefer first edition (I'm a crunch fan) so no worries there. As far as players, I'm not sure exactly what numbers you're looking for, but I can probably get 2-3 other bodies as well as myself.
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I'm in CST and interested as
I'm in CST and interested as well. I've played a few campaigns of EP before, so I can maybe help out.
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It works if you work it...
This is a follow-up. Last night we played our first session on Roll20. We pulled together a group of 5 players, and had 3 more that wanted to join. Posting here can work. All it takes is someone willing to GM.
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I am unsure of where to start
I am unsure of where to start looking to find a game.
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Places to start
Skywind: Hello. There are a lot of potential players out there. Fewer GMs. The most expedient way would be to run your own game. From recent experience, if you are willing to run, you can get more players than you can handle. If that's not an option, there are a couple of Eclipse Phase Discord Servers. I know you are on Eclipse Phase Discussion, there is also The Eye. https://www.reddit.com/r/eclipsephase/comments/5bxi19/the_eye_an_eclipse... https://www.reddit.com/r/eclipsephase/comments/81tzbj/fan_discord_if_you... You could post there, and try to join or form a group. You could also post on the Roll20 Looking for Group forum. https://app.roll20.net/forum/category/22 All the best. The lack of GMs is an issue there, too. Lots of players, few GMs.