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LFG in New York City

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LFG in New York City
Greetings. I am an eclipse phase fan looking for a game in my new home of NYC. I am willing to GM, as I have a lot of ideas for games in the setting. I tend to run RP heavy, political campaigns, but I have no aversion to shoot first and ask questions later type games.
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I'd be tentatively interested
I'd be tentatively interested in a game in NYC, assuming it was easily reached via public transit. I live up in CT, but I don't mind taking the train down to manhattan. RP heavy and political also sound really good. There's definitely a place for action, but it seems like it would be a bit of a waste to drown a transhumanist setting in violence. After all, pushing that shiny red button doesn't take much talent. My one warning is that I am new to the game.
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I am also in CT (just east of
I am also in CT (just east of Hartford) and would love to get in the occasional game. I was really impressed by EP at GenCon and love the many available story options.
LFG in New England