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LFG new player looking for online or local game

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LFG new player looking for online or local game
Long time gamer(relatively), new to EP looking for an online game. I live in Hampton Roads in case there are any local groups. Live on the east coast (EST). I'm available most afternoons and evenings with the exception of monday evening, partly tuesday, wednesday and sunday, and possibly saturday. Despite having the books for awhile, work had kept me from playing. I've had a longstanding interest in trans-humanism, so its not hard to see one of the things that draws me to EP. I have been gaming for near a decade, with my experience split between playing and GMing Games I have experience playing/running D&D 3.5 Rifts XD20 D&D 4e Battle Tech RPG Shadowrun 4e Pathfinder Cthulhu Tech Time Wizards I'm looking for an online game. Preferably on skype, or other group chat. For any local games my transportation is limited, so if bridge crossing would be required I may be unable to join. I generally prefer game with a decent amount of roleplay, and some combat. I work well with situations where I'm free to act on my own initiative, rather then just passively following each objective. Character Wise I'm pretty flexible, and can gladly fill niches if needed. The only specific thing I'd like to try is a Psychosurgery focused AGI from an Isolate commune. My main interests in EP are Human augmentation, alternate/theoretical societies, and transhumanism in general. I got into EP when a friend of mine asked why the hell I played Shadowrun If I wanted to play characters with transhumanist bents (shadowrun really hates technology and transhumanists). I told him it was cause it was the only option I had. Then he told me about Eclipse Phase. Now I am hoping to finally get to play EP, and hopefully get my own game started locally with my friends.
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I have a Monday night campaign
that will start up again after the holidays. We play using Google+ and Roll20.
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could you tell me a bit more
could you tell me a bit more about the campaign?
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My in-person EP group is
My in-person EP group is breaking up, so I'm interested in an online game as well. I'm on the west coast (PST), but can make time for an afternoon start.