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LFG New Person (i.e. Hello There!)

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LFG New Person (i.e. Hello There!)
Hello, I just joined this site and currently am looking for a group to join. I have the rulebook and have been browsing it and I have a few character concepts in mind. Hoping to find people ok with a newbie joining them. Unsure if this is a group meet up place or if it is strictly forum posting, but I can only really do the forum posting as I tend to work a lot. But I want to play as this world sounds interesting.
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I think we have some informal
I think we have some informal IC posting here, but I don't know if anyone is officially running a play-by-post campaign on the forums. Could be interesting if someone wanted to do that, but I don't know if anyone here is up for it or knows of a good forum that is up for it.
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