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LFG in/near San Francisco
Hey, I've never played the game before but I've been following it for a while and I'd love to give it a try. Anyone have a game going in the bay area?
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I'm in the South Bay, but I'm
I'm in the South Bay, but I'm not planning on GMing in the near future. How many miles are you from SF?
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I live at the south end of SF
I live at the south end of SF. I don't GM either, so looks like we need a GM and one or two more players.
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Yet another South Bay gamer,
Yet another South Bay gamer, never played Eclipse Phase, would like to check it out.
South Bay gamer, will add something witty here later.
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Also in Bay Area. Have played
Also in Bay Area. Have played in several PbP campaigns. There was a campaign in the South Bay but I'm not sure it still exists.
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Another South Bay person. I
Another South Bay person. I've played a few one-shots with some friends and enjoyed them, but haven't had the chance to play a campaign yet. Unfortunately the campaign in the south bay died from inconsistent turnout right as I heard about it.
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East Bay looking to get into GMing for this game
East bay, Oakland near the 12th street bart. Looking to start a long-term group who are ok with a DM learning the ropes as we go along. I have three people I am at least in contact with about the idea, no firm commitments yet.
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San Franciscan looking to GM this game
If anyone is interested I've got a starter adventure written up and I'm looking for a few players who want to start a long term campaign. New to this set of rules but I've GM'd modern / sci-fi games before. I have 2 potential PCs already but nothing firm.
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