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LFG for game pbp or otherwise

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LFG for game pbp or otherwise
Hello i am new at eclipse phase(but i love it so far and i got the corebook). I also got many many ideas so far, thus if someone needs me to play some character i might be interested with a few exceptions (no jovians or conservatives faction tho =p i just dont like them XD). I live in the +2 zone, but thankfully for what it counts i am usually free or able to get into the internet fairly easy so if its a forum i will get in frequently.If its a chat then i should be able to get in as well.And i pretty sleep late, for what its worth. Now for those interested Here are some examples of what kind of characters i would prefer to play(but i am not limited to) A Barsoomian AGI hacker,Various kinds of scum,fall evacuees,drifters,singularity seekers,gatecrashers. About plots so long the plot sounds simple enough to be understood or at least makes enough sense to play in it, i will be okay with it.(any kind of plot hook is ok for me) For those curious if i have any favourite parts about this game those are. Most things about gatecrashing ;) I prefer urban environments or combat ones, i dont like space that much but its ok(because i got a plan XD). I am not that much of a comedy guy(mostly because i either find humour in many things or in only a few).So i wont be the one doing many antics(i might do stupid things at times) I have enough experience in rping (but not tabletop games mind you, but a friends told me they are pretty much the same so thats one reason i should try my hand in a couple(this being my first and maybe only choice). So anyone interested?
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