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LFG Europe/Berlin
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Hi, I'm a 33yo (1982) Software Architect in Berlin (Spandau). I used to live in Cologne (my LFG from back then is still ghosting around here somewhere), but have been in Berlin for some time now. I haven't played in a couple of years, mostly due to a rather stressful career, but I used to play and GM a lot of (A)D&D, Shadowrun and KULT when I was at school and university. I expect to be a little rusty, but nothing a few nights at the (virtual) table can't solve ;-) A few notes:
  • While I slightly prefer meeting in meat-space I know that virtual meetings (via Skype, SIP, XMPP/Jingle, etc.) are far easier to manage. I do have a webcam.
  • As a player I prefer less combat and more talking. I love psychological challenges, mental puzzles and exploring worlds (A gatecrasher Xenoarcheologist would be right up my alley). When I have to draw a weapon I consider that a failure.
  • I played (and GMed) KULT. You can throw your most f**ked-up stuff at me and I'll be enjoying it.
  • While I haven't played EP before I'm a) familiar with a lot of the recommended literature (Lovecraft, Banks, Robinson, Vinge, Dresden Codak...) including all the source books and a lot of transhumanist stuff on top (*cough*Less Wrong*cough*) and b) have played multiple characters with only partially aligned interests and knowledge at the same time. I expect to be right at home with a forking Ego sleeved into a mission-specific morph relying on multiple backups.
  • I used to GM a lot and admittedly prefer it over playing, but on the flip-side I know how time-consuming that is and I cannot in good conscience commit to it at the moment, though I'd certainly be willing to run a few one-offs.
  • I'm fluent in both English and German (and do a lot of code-switching naturally). For EP I'd slightly prefer English, but it doesn't really matter.
  • As you can see at the top I ignore "Daylight saving time" and organize my schedule based on UTC (My servers run on it, so why shouldn't I?). That means during the summer my timeslots look like they are an hour "later" (e.g. until 2200 CEST) than in winter (until 2100 CET) to those observing it. Just a heads-up.
  • I'm rather averse to using any software by Facebook or Apple, Google Hangouts (If that stuff is important to you we can still talk about it, but I'll feel very uncomfortable) or Non-GNU/Linux- or *BSD-compatible (In that case we're out of luck, I won't install other OSes :-P).
  • I'm a geek and proud of it.
"I'm never better off not knowing."
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ahojsn im gehaeusn after i got my hands on the basic rule book i got really excited bout trying this pnp stuff out so if there are still player needet i would love to participate .. im a 27year old pnp beginner so .. dunno .. what to tell but i prefer good storytelling over run and gun action .. and meat-space of course what else .. yes may be the most imported one .. im from berlin neu koeln :P and still reading the basic rules .. game mastering is at that point not an option for me well then so long