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LFG, European-friendly time

Hello. I'm looking for an online EP game, European-time friendly. I'm interested in voice chat game only. I do not own a webcam, but maybe I'll get one as a Christmas present to myself =). No guarantees though.

I'm currently at +3 GMT, and have most of my evenings free. I have some 10 years of experience, mostly GMing, and have used a broad assortment of game systems.

I've flipped through the EP core book for a couple of times in the past, and am refreshing my memory right now, re-reading everything, but I never had the pleasure of playing.

The best way to contact me would be via skype: vnergalv
This thread or a PM is also OK, but I sometimes forget to check forums on a daily basis, so a skype text or call would be preferable.


I'm not a native English speaker, but I have experience playing and GMing games in English, and people said it was barely noticeable. If you have your doubts - just call me on skype, and we'll have a chat.

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Also Interested

I have an open schedule right now so Whenever works for me.
Hopefully we see something

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Bump? BUMP!

Bump? BUMP!