LFG - EU TZ for online, play-by-post, or meatspace gameplay (Brighton, UK)

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LFG - EU TZ for online, play-by-post, or meatspace gameplay (Brighton, UK)
Hello fellow EP enthusiasts. First off a warning: I am new to RPGs, but have read all the eclipse phase books and listened to many actual play recordings, and think I get the basic idea. Role-playing is something I'm actually very surprised I never tried out before now, being a tabletop and board gaming enthusiast, the social circles seem to mesh a lot of the time. I'm currently living in the city of Brighton and Hove, so if there's anybody here in this part of England, a meetup would be fun. However, I am not adverse to the idea of using technology to play with anybody else who happens to be in a European time-zone, especially considering I am more likely to find a group that way. Due to my job, I am free at all times, any day of the week, but occasionally have to disappear for a bit. When I do disappear, I will still usually be able to get in touch via email. If you are wondering what it is I do, I'm a navigational officer in the merchant navy, and have previously mostly worked on container ships, but am now switching to short passenger contracts as I kind of enjoy having a social life. But it still means I will be on ships for a few weeks at a time, and then have tons of free time off. As such if you are running a play-by-post campaign and need a new player, this could be a good solution for longer campaigns for me... you may have to explain how play-by-post actually works, but that's what skype is for. If you need a player, or are starting a new campaign, help a brother out and get in touch through the forum or via skype (ID is lucas.pauling). Don't be surprised if you see me online but don't get a response immediately, as I pretty much leave skype running 24/7. I will however get back to you when I return... I promise. As for my play style... well honestly I'm not sure as I am new to this, but I do enjoy the ideas of contradictory characters. The pre-gen character that is a human-impersonator AGI for example. And if my thought process can be extrapolated from video game RPGs, I mostly use a chaotic neutral play-style, where I enjoy dark humour, am not always the nicest of persons, but when it really matters I will always pull through for the good ending. (I also enjoy the pretty explosions, as evidenced by my play-through of Fallout 3 as a good character, except for the act of setting off the megaton bomb... I couldn't resist and man was that fun to watch) Anyway, that's it from me. Shout-out to any EVE Online players as well, particularly BRAVE members.
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Eclipse Phase Gameplay
Also based in England, any luck yet?
Eclipse Phase enthusiast.
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So far no luck, but I am now
So far no luck, but I am now thinking of GMing a oneshot. I'll be posting in the forums when I'm ready.
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So I'm reaching out to people
So I'm reaching out to people trying to organize small 3-4 group of players for online play. varlaax if you want you can hit me on skype at (eperogenay) and we will commence brainstorming ;)
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Do dee dooo, totally casual....
If there's any more room, I'd be up for an online one-shot or two :P
In the past we've had to compensate for weaknesses, finding quick solutions that only benefit a few. But what if we never need to feel weak or morally conflicted again?
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may be available
I would be interested in a online game or 2
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So I have 4 players already
So I have 4 players already for our campaign, I must say the experience with new players is extremally positive. I'm not sure if I can handle more players yet, I don't feel experienced enough and versed in the system yet to handle more (even though I'm trying to learn as fast as I can, and the system isn't that complicated). But I'll say that if you contact me on skype some time (in my previous post) we might be able to work something out.
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Well, drat. I'm late as usual
Well, drat. I'm late as usual. Ah well. Eclipse Phase can be a great game to play online. My advice, though, from someone who's EP game crashed and burnt recently? 1: Do [u]not[/u] make a story arc which is entirely contingent upon one or two players consistently showing up. Murphy's Law dictates they [u]will[/u] flake out, suddenly and usually without warning, leaving you high and dry. 2: Do [u]not[/u] try to engineer "set pieces" which your players are supposed to only observe. They [u]will[/u] want to intervene, and will move heaven and earth to do so, even if it means rushing in like Leeroy Jenkins. 3: Do [u]not[/u] throw a setting-assumptions-challenging mind-fuck at your players in the middle of something else. 4: [i]Try[/i] not to put the game into a situation where it would stretch credulity over a barrel to have a new PC show up. This makes incorporating new players (possibly to replace flakes) practically impossible without engineering a contrivance which stretches suspension of disbelief to the breaking point.
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So, after game and some real
So, after game and some real life stuff of my players I realized that I can probably have more players on a drop-in drop-out basis, since the setup we come up with actually allows for a nice modular and sandbox-y setup. So if you don't mind not being in ALL sessions but showing up when your schedule allows, just contact me on skype and I can probably fit you in. (Also, I'd love to play, so having a group with more than one GM could mean we have more sessions with different group setups...)
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That sounds pretty good, do
That sounds pretty good, do you still have room for anyone? I'm pretty much as free all the time. EDIT: I can't seem to find you on Skype...