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LFG in Cologne, Germany [Meatspace a must]

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LFG in Cologne, Germany [Meatspace a must]
OK, let's try and stick to the LFG Rules ;-) [h1]Who am I?[/h1] My name is Robert and I'm a 30yo (1982) Programmer in Cologne. I moved here in mid 2012 but my former main group (mostly AD&D 2nd Ed. with a lot of homebrew rules) had been semi-dead for some years at the point anyway (The usual story: The group formed while most of us were still attending school or university with lot's of free time, we had a couple really great campaigns, then time got scarce and we felt like all our attempts to relive our former greatness were doomed to failure. In the end we tried getting a campaign off the ground about once every six months, but something always wasn't right for someone and things fell apart after a handful of sessions). [h1]My expectations[/h1] [list] [*] While I'd love to have sessions that last hours and consume entire weekends, that isn't realistic :-( So I'll settle for anything at least two hours long. [*] There's a table and some chairs here, so if there's no established group around, we might start a fresh one :-D [*] As a player I prefer little to no combat (I consider it a failure if it comes to that) and a lot of PC NPC interaction (I'd much rather [b]talk[/b] myself through a one-night-stand/psychotherapy-session with a member of the Lost Generation (yes, I did not specify gender and/or sex) than roll some dice to achieve the [em]same[/em] "End Result"(TM), thank you). [*] I prefer difficult to play (at least for me) characters, because I get something out of stepping into their shoes. My favourite examples are: [list] [*] Both Washu and Aeka from Tenchi Muyo (that was an absolutely awesome AD&D campaign, going into really, really high levels). Nothing like playing the greatest scientific genius of the universe at the same time as an interstellar Princess with self-confidence issues. And, yeah, it [b]was[/b] a romantic comedy with dark undertones campaign... [*] A grizzled old Frisian Spoekenkieker (sensitive to paranormal phenomena, it was a KULT campaign after all) who had the habit of torturing people if he didn't have the time for lengthy interrogations. Nice guy otherwise... [*] A closet gay dwarven postman (in a fantasy world) that had to live under a government mandate to be a hero (all PCs were, had a birthmark you see, and they needed heroes to build more roads, not that it was dangerous to do so). Usually held up fine, but couldn't stomach the other PCs doing plainly stupid things, made him weep because he really didn't want to be in that situation. But at least he got first kill: A bunch of spiders (hand sized) with a stick... [/list] [*] I'm willing to GM some of the time, but probably can't shoulder that alone. I've always enjoyed building up unusual NPCs and locations, usually trying to work in obscure knowledge and subcultures. I think that would go well with EP, but I haven't tried it yet (The only [em]horror[/em] I've GMed so far has been KULT which was a lot of fun). [*] I'd like to play in English as the source material is (and I recall how harrowing it can be to translate flavour text if a member of the group isn't able to read it easily otherwise) and my technological vocabulary is much larger in it, but German is fine too. [/list] [h1]My general location[/h1] I live in Bilderstöckchen, Cologne, work in Ehrenfeld and since I have no car (really not worth it if you're living in this city) I rely on public transportation and my feet to get where I need to (like work), I do have a bike for edge cases. In general any location in 5km radius of a subway station is no problem at all, everything else probably depends on the specifics. [h1]When do I have time?[/h1] I work until 1800 CET (1700 GMT) at the moment, though that can change during "crunch time". I'd prefer a gaming night during the week, ideally Tuesday or Thursday (because then I don't have to reschedule other things), but any week day is fine. Weekends only if it isn't every week ;-) [h1]Self-advertising[/h1] I'm an über-geek and proud of it. We can get lost in endless trivia discussions on Star Trek (Star Wars, Firefly, Babylon 5 or BSG are fine, too) just as well as why Emacs is better than VI ;-) I'd love to talk about why the latest Neal Stephenson or Iain M. Banks is great (or not) over a cold Guinness, Strongbow or nice Islay whisky when we're not gaming :-D Oh, and, I'm a vegetarian, but I try not to bother other people with that ;-)
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For what it's worth, I'm an
For what it's worth, I'm an Eclipse Phase GM here in Cologne. Currently I lack players because my last group didn't really like the ruleset, but they might just need some convincing...