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LFG Boston, MA area or Online

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Salidrith Salidrith's picture
LFG Boston, MA area or Online
I've never played Eclipse Phase but I think it's looks darn cool. Lots of RPG experience in general. Looking for a weekday evening (or potentially weekend) based games around greater Boston area. Happy to try and build a group if there is enough interest and/or a GM available. Would also join an online game if there is one LFP. EST time zone. You can email me at gmail. Use my forum name.
Cleggster Cleggster's picture
I run a small game every Thursday in Pemboke Ma. at the Medieval Starship. That might be to out of the way for you. But thought I would throw that out there.
Jame Rowe Jame Rowe's picture
If you can get up to the
If you can get up to the Salem area we're looking for players. We play Star Wars d20 generally but we are willing to try new systems.
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