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Left behind and mad...

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Left behind and mad...
Hmm, a thought. We know what the general opinion of H+ is toward the TITANS... but what about those AI that would come after? Is there a general opinion that AI has toward the TITANS, are they envied? Feared? or even hated? I can imagine say, a rebellious software entity that moves to establish itself in what seems to be the changing paradigm as the Earth falls... then watches as the biggest, baddest, AI in human history bug out through the Pandora Gates! Mind you this assumes such entites would want to pursue vengeance like we flesh-and-blood types... or perhaps all remaining AI from that time are aware of what (I think) is the real reason for "the Fall" and are simply keeping quiet. Which is in itself a fascinating thought as well...
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Like humans, there's

Like humans, there's probably a wide variety of opinions among AGIs when it comes to the TITANs. In EP, most AGIs are programmed to be "friendly" and socialized to be as "human" as possible, to better fit into transhuman society. So most probably view the TITANs as a horrible disaster/mistake, but there are probably some holding other positions ...

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You just reminded me of a
You just reminded me of a question...gonna start a new thread. :P not sure why I just posted this.