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Large Flexbot Shape Adjustment Question

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Large Flexbot Shape Adjustment Question
So in page 209 of Transhuman it says:
Extremely large flexbots may be created, but the amount of fine control an individual ego has over the constituent modules diminishes the larger it gets. In particular, large flexbots lose the ability to rapidly reconfigure themselves with the shape adjusting enhancement.
Does this mean that Flexbots of Large+ size straight up loose the ability to reconfigure themselves? It says you can no longer do it rapidly, but what does rapidly mean? Do the adjustment times get multiples by a set number or something?
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I think the table at the
I think the table at the bottom of the page covers that. For instance, a flexbot with over a 100 modules is going to take 20x longer to change its shape. p. 204 under creating massive flexbots It says that flexbots of 50 or more modules don't work without something like a habitat cyberbrain.
Jaso11111 Jaso11111's picture
Wow, i just noticed that...
Wow, i just noticed that... boy do i feel dumb now,