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Large campaign

I can't find it anywhere, but has there ever been a mention about creating a large campaign/adventure for ep?

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Could you define that a bit?

My guess is that you are looking for guidance or examples of how to create and manage an ongoing campaign, as opposed to just stitching together individual scenarios. Is that what you're after?

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I think there are plenty of

I think there are plenty of threads on a grand campaign. Might have to be specific in your searches. I know there is one about a "campaign arc".

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Try Know Evil

I ran a 27 session game across 4 orbital regions last year called Know Evil. We posted Actual Plays of every episode. I also put up my macro-planning files for it in the form of a Prezi, and we did a podcast about writing it and the specific challenges of long-term games in Eclipse Phase.

If that interests you or seems like it might help, you can find it all here:

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I've started one with my

I've started one with my players. It involves them alternating between two groups separated by distance and time (one team is playing in AF8 while the other in AF10). Eventually the events surrounding each other will merge.

I recommend listening to the Know Evil podcast. The lesson's learned there are similar to what I'm encountering -in particular find a way to keep notes of the sessions and major plot points as games tend to be spaced out due to life happening and players' memories don't always retain all the important details. Sometimes it's good to appoint someone to track all major points otherwise you can keep the notes yourself. Usually I'll start a session with a 'Last time on...' recap. I'm also using Obsidian Portal to blog my player's adventures:

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Joxer999 wrote:
I can't find it anywhere, but has there ever been a mention about creating a large campaign/adventure for ep?

My guess is that those books are lowest on the "how well books sell" list. As they are "only for GM eyes" and that is maybe 1/5 of the group. On the other hand, if there is no material for the GM, I'd guess fewer GMs pick up the game and that means fewer gaming groups too. But it's just guessing, I don't have any real information on it.

I'd love a campaign book or larger adventure softback. I'd also love NPC File 2, 3, etc.