The Jade Dragon

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The Jade Dragon

((OOC Note: This RP is a continuation from the Dating Profile thread. Given the nature of why they're meeting, this post may contain content some find distasteful. While I will avoid explicit descriptions, I won't completely censor everything either. So, ya know, fair warning and such.))

***15:45, Thursday, Elysium***

Rocky drives along the busy streets of Chinatown, music blaring and singing along.

"You got the touch! You got the powah! YEAH!" he screams out, barely resisting the urge to punch the accelerator for emphasis.

"This is your music of choice for a booty call?" chimed in Hello Nurse from her ecto.

"Hey, I've got a silly quota to meet each day," replies Rocky "Best I get it out of the way before she sees me.

He parks the buggy nearby the tea house, and jogs up to the door on all sixes, rising to his hind legs only when he reaches it. With his middle arms so his gliding membrane gives some degree of modesty, he closes his eyes in focus as his fur seems to ripple with color. His middle arms soon appear as a red sash, while his gliding membrane and upper arms resemble a flowing blue robe. With his outfit picked out for now, he pushes the door open and looks to see if Saphyx has arrived yet.

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((I have to wonder: Is this

((I have to wonder: Is this the same Jade Dragon in Chinatown, Elysium, that Rocky will later participate in burning to the ground with hydrazine?))

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The Jade Dragon

The Jade Dragon splays out over an entire corner here in Chinatown. The three story structure is built in the traditional Chinese architecture style, but its materials mark it as being hyper-modern. Composed of reflective black metal with red chrome accents, the sharp edged building straddles the line between elegance and gaudiness.

Upon entering past a pair of stone faced synth bouncers dressed in an archaic guard style you can see that the lush interior from the walls to the furniture and floors are made of synthetic faux wood with a liberal amount of gold colored metal. Many glowing lanterns hang from the ceiling bedecked with red tassels illuminating the place with a warm inviting ambiance. In the background, not loud enough to drown out casual conversation, you can hear a pulse driving bass beat and modern melody mixed seamlessly with a lute and traditional Asian opera vocal cuts.

Oberin @ Hello Nurse
"I see you've arrived. Lady Saphyx will be with you in a moment. Please make yourself comfortable."

As if on cue a Chinese woman in her mid 30's with perfectly coiffed hair and wearing a flowing red silk gown wordlessly motions you to follow her. As you move through the sparsely populated first floor you can see that the structure is arranged in a ring around a central open atrium that runs from the ground to the lofty ceiling overhead. Guests sit sipping tea at tables which abut elaborately carved railing circling the open space. Higher floors are more crowded, with more elite and wealthy guests being seated lower and closer to the main central space.

You're seated in a small intimate private room at a table empty except for two ceramic teacups.

Meanwhile Saphyx fusses with her appearance nearby. The dracomorph cycles through various skin colors until with an amused smirk she settles on emerald green. She cycles her collars' color to a bright feminine pink and places a rare, fragrant, expensive, lotus blossom at her temple. The dragoness then places a suppository of Hither in her genitals letting her body heat melt it into a gel which then causes the drug to quickly enter her bloodstream. Grateful for the boost of self confidence which chases the last of her nervousness away the dracomorph slips on a curve hugging robe of shimmering luminescent white silk and exits the room on all fours.

Outside a young woman holds out to Saphyx a fresh tea pot, which is taken by placing the handle in her jaws. She focuses on the strong scent of steaming tea while slowly and purposefully striding down the hallway trying to banish the thought that soon hundreds of people will be watching her live or remotely.
Saphyx quietly enters the room where Rocky waits.

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Rocky can't help but admire

Rocky can't help but admire the tea house as he's led around. He'd always been a fan of contrast, something that led him to choose an adorable morph and immature responses to a career that, more often than not, dealt with patrons who'd sooner shoot him than pay him. He drinks in every detail of his surroundings on his little tour, from the sound of the beat, to the smell of tea and perfume, even the feel of the faux wood paneling on his bare feet... and a small part of him can't help but take notice of every small opening he might slip through, the open atrium he can glide down, tables to take cover behind. Some things never shut off.

He quietly thanked the serving lady for her help, and climbed up onto his seat to await Saphyx. He was nervous, to be sure, and had done his best to make a good impression. His fur was all brushed and trimmed, and he gave himself another look over to see how his chameleoned outfit looked. He thought it looked alright. When he looked up and saw Saphyx, his own attire as it were felt as cheap and tacky as a tuxedo-print t-shirt.

She was gorgeous, far more impressive in person, scantily clad with the subtle lighting of the paper lanterns glinting off of her. He also picked up the scent of hither being used. The enhanced pheremones were of course ineffective cross-species, but the thought was appreciated and he idly wondered if her unique morph had any fun side-effects from it like he did.

In any case, those questions could be answered later. For now, there was a beautiful lady who needed to be greeted properly. He stood up in his chair, to save himself the indignity of climbing back up, and bowed to her.
"Ah, the eponymous Jade Dragon I presume? It's a pleasure to finally meet you Saphyx."

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Tea for two

Saphyx takes in the room in the space of a couple heartbeats appraising the environment and her guest's posture, vocal cues, word choice. Sensing a hint of guardedness she concentrates for a moment slowly dimming the lights by 20% and fading the music into her choice, a down tempo bass driven melodic beat without vocals that flows.

The dragoness walks towards Rocky languidly swaying her hips and tail from side to side, her steps light, her posture perfect. Silently and without looking down she pours the two of them cups of tea by tipping her head sideways, letting the steaming liquid flow from the pot carried in her snout to fill the delicate blooming flower shaped cups. Saphyx releases the pot carefully onto the side of the table, backs up three steps and drops down back to all fours in a smooth motion perfected over hundreds of hours. Her rear is held high, tail curved up from under her robe and over her straight back, her snout is pressed to the floor, emerald eyes gaze down, while her foreclaws held close together remain flat to the ground and extended past her glossy snout, the right one farther than the left.

"I'm glad I bring you pleasure Sir." She hints. "I'm at your service Sir." she purrs lasciviously, holding the pose.

Oberin @ Hello Nurse.
"The two are expected in the atrium promptly at 16:00 for live broadcast. You'll find appropriate furniture and devices there. If there is anything at all your master requires I will pass it along to the staff. You'll find they're quite well stocked." she amuses herself with the pun.

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Rocky takes the teacup in

Rocky takes the teacup in both of his upper paws, taking a slow sip of the wonderful tea. He had been expecting a date, not a servant. Apparently his muse had left that part out. Still, if that's what she wanted...

"Please, sit and enjoy yourself. You will serve me soon enough.” He says, gesturing to her teacup. They still had about 10 minutes before the show after all “For now, I’d like to know a little bit about you. Where you got that exquisite morph, a little bit of your history… the things that make you a person rather than a simulspace AI with a force feedback codpiece.”

As he spoke with her, he made a few arrangements with the staff via Hello and Oberin: Restraints, preferably chains and shackles, to be supplied to the atrium and a leash for the walk there.

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Dragon pride

Saphyx slinks forward and sits on her haunches next to the scurrier's chair. Now that she's close He can smell the heady mix of lavender and her arousal.
She senses his discomfort. "I am...." she was about to say temporary companionship, quickly changes her mind with only a moment's hesitation, "enjoying myself."

Her emerald eyes flash fire at his words, she picks up her cup daintily while flicking her tail tip.
Oberin detects Saphyx's heart rate increase, her pupil dilation, and the reflex in her tail.
Oberin: Don't.

"....force feedback codpiece? I'm worth more....." Her words are cut off by an electric shock from her collar and the release of a mild sedative.

Oberin: This is exactly why we're here young lady. The next correction I'm forced to administer will be more powerful.

Saphyx sets her teacup down, blinks a couple times and recomposes herself. Without missing a beat she looks over at him, "My morph? As far back I can remember I've been like this. I could have cracked my shell in this body. It's all I've ever known. My owner prefers me this way and this way I'll remain."

Oberin: This is a restricted topic. Change it. Go answer the door.

Oberin @ Hello Nurse "The furniture in the atrium is equipped with shackles that will prove inescapable to Lady Saphyx. Chains of various lengths have been provided along with locking fasteners. There are also medical implements available."

Saphyx silently walks to the door. From a servant she accepts a 2 meter black leather braided handmade leash reinforced internally with metal fibers, in her mouth and returns to resume her seat by Rocky's chair.

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Misplaced judgement?

Rocky raised an eyebrow at Saphyx's response. Each one seemed like she was avoiding telling everything, not the reaction of someone enjoying themselves. One phrase stuck out as well. "My master."

[I'm starting to get the feeling you picked up an indentured servant. You said you made all the arrangements with her muse right?] Rocky asked his own muse as Saphyx got the door.
[Correct, but there is the possibility the muse belongs to her employer. What's the plan?]

Rocky drained the teacup, the remaining liquid tasting like ash, before setting it back down and running a finger along the rim. [Nothing changes. Either she is really here of her own accord, and not following through would disappoint her, or she's forced to be here and not following through would like as not get her punished for driving me off. Even if her muse wasn't recording everything we say and do to her, some idiot scurrier decided to indulge his exhibitionist fetish, so we can't play board games in a hotel room and say we had sex. In any case, I want you to look over her mesh profile a little more carefully, find her employer. Christ almighty why did it have to be S&M. I'm going to need to take all the showers after this.] He finishes his communication with his muse as his date returns with the leash.

"Ah, gracias," he says, accepting the tool. "I did not mean to imply you were worth so little earlier, far from it. I meant that your qualities lie in more than just directly pleasuring me, that I like to enjoy the company of people, not toys. We can talk later, however. For now, I believe we have a show to do." He finishes by securing one end of the leash around the dragoness' collar, and wrapping the other around his paw, tugging it taut to lead her to the door.

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Her true colors

Like ink being spilled into a forest pond Saphyx's skin begins to shift from an emerald green to a dark purple. Her collar follows, changing back to it's normal gold tone. Only her green reptilian eyes remain as before, locked on Rocky.

The dragoness lowers her snout whispering in Rocky's fuzzy ear, "The world isn't all black and white. There are shades of grey......and purple. I'm both a person and a toy. Don't think for a moment I don't enjoy what I do or who I am. Even if that's to do as I'm told. For I have purpose and that's more than most can say."

Saphyx lifts her head and composes herself, she daintily curls her tail around exposing herself, then playfully tugs the much smaller scurrier out the door testing his reaction to her early.

She leads him to a door flanked on both sides by two pots of burning incense, through the sinuous blue smoke two large, fierce looking synths watch them both impassively.

Inside they can see that the central atrium is a carefully constructed natural jungle landscape lit as if mid day. At the end of a small path lies a clearing, giving unobstructed view to the many dozens of people watching from the ringing balconies. A small polyhedral structure made from bamboo lies next to an artificial stream that begins from a small waterfall that cascades down from an alcove hidden above.

The carefully cultivated placidity is broken by several hovering drones with sophisticated sensors, lest viewers above or at home miss a moment or angle. Sturdy metal rings are carefully hidden everywhere, under the waterfall, in the river, on and in front of the building, over a bamboo scaffold and attached swing, and on a thick lone vertical beam. Harsh looking wooden furniture to contort unwilling guests into various poses and predicaments lie close at hand with the promised metal shackles. A medley of wicked looking items and devices that any doctor or dominatrix would recognize adorn hanging racks like dark decorations in some bizarre festival.

Despite the large group of viewers above, only the steady sound of crashing water and artificial jungle noise can be heard.

Saphyx hides a smirk, "Not what you expected, is it?

Oberin @ Hello Nurse
As soon as they've crossed the threshold it begins and yes they lock the doors. Anything goes except what we agreed on. Oh and one more thing, just like life, there is no safeword.