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Islam in Eclipse Phase

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Islam in Eclipse Phase
I was thinking of playing a muslim character in eclipse phase. The clash between old beliefs and a vastly changed world is an interesting challenge. How could Islam have adapted to the transhuman world and the fall? Most of the central tenets of the faith, the five pillars would be able to survive. The biggest problem is the fifth pillar, The Hajj or pilgrimage. How would you travel to Mecka when earth is in quarantine and crawling with plagues, nanoviruses, grey goo and other horrors unleashed by the TITANs? Not all muslims visit Mecka. In poor villages it is common for them to pool their cash together and send a representative of the village on the pilgrimage. Could such a journey be possible? It could definitively be an interesting plot hook. Sawm, the ritual fasting during the ramadan also presents a challenge. If you inhabit a synth body that does not need sleep, water or food how do you fast? Or if you are a infomorph? Infomorphs could perhaps give themselves the illusion of needing food in a VR world. Synthmorphs may switch to being Infomorphs during Ramadan in order to remind them of the needy who lack a physical body. Other problems are how you deal with the laws. The Sharia is composed of precepts set by the Quran and examples shown by the Prophet Muhammed in the Sunnah. Of those two the Quran is considered the highest authority. Some laws make a difference between men and women. Women only receive half the inheritance of a man as an example. This becomes a problem when people can switch bodies at will. Of cource we could do away with all of this by just concluding that Islam in Eclipse Phase would be hopelessly bioconservative. I find it more interesting to imagine how could EP Islam would have adapted without having a Bioconservative meme.
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Re: Islam in Eclipse Phase
For the Hajj, I would argue that Transhumanity still makes the Hajj possible. A large group of Muslims would be part of the Reclaimer movement with the idea of reclaiming Mecca and continuing the Hajj. In the mean time everyone makes sure they can keep backups of themselves until the day they can perform the Hajj. I think with Ramadan, there could be two approaches a Muslim could take, first approach is that Islamic communities would have a "Suffering" morph that people are expected to sleeve into during Ramadan. This morph would mimic all the discomfort that a Flat goes through on Earth during Ramadan. This would also account for the fact that some habs have different length days. The other approach (as you pointed out) would be to live in a VR during the month. As for the differences between men and women, among bioconservative, Islamic groups, this isn't an issue (as they would force men to stay in male morphs, and females in female morphs). Among more progressive groups, I would imagine that all morphs are expected to be male, and if you sleeve yourself into a female morph, you are expected to follow the Quran as if you were a female (thus reinforcing the fact that all morphs will be male).
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