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Invisibilty cloak, blind attack, and other senses

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Invisibilty cloak, blind attack, and other senses
So, I was thinking about the invisibility cloak and, as often happens, I got to wondering how other GMs handle it. In the description of the invisibility cloak, it says you can make a little peep-hole if you don't have external sensors (I'm paraphrasing :P) which can be spotted with a visual Perception -30. Under Blind Attack, it says you can make a Perception check with another available sense to detect an invisible opponent and attack at -30. How do you handle this in game play? Do you call for a separate Perception check for each sense, do you specify a specific sense and make a single roll, or do you make a single roll and compare the result to your target based on vision and another sense (likely hearing). I personally am leaning to the third option as it cuts down on dice rolling, just curious about other opinions. :)
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Re: Invisibilty cloak, blind attack, and other senses
In my opinion: just check which of the character's senses can "spot" the target, if more than one, apply a bonus or the one with the best bonus, or the best for narrative purposes, and then, do the check. :D If u can hear a bit, see a bit, and smell something, you can spot a target, that's how animals and transhumans should do it. :)