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Moinsens guys, I have not found a introduction thread or something else, so I'll use this one here. At first: I live in Hamburg/Germany and my english skills are f*ckin' crap ;) so, I've sometimes problems to understand the EP books. Maybe I'll ask some stupid questions about the rules or the world of EP in this forum, I hope you'll have patience with me. I really like the game setting and started nearly five month ago a EP group as a gamemaster. It's not a Firewall campaign, the players characters are Fa Jing hypercorps on the way for astroid mining. However, I hope you understand my post. Greetz Buddel P.S.: The excessive use of abbreviations in the books getting on my nerves. ;) A list of abbreviations at the end of each book will be helpfully or maybe one collection in one PDF, like the terminology in the corebook.
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Welcome to the forums, what
Welcome to the forums, what abbreviations are you thinking of specifically?