Introducing the new Perfect Partner(tm) from Soulmate Services!

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Introducing the new Perfect Partner(tm) from Soulmate Services!

What do you want in a soulmate? Love? Companionship? Someone to join you on an adventure to other worlds?

Our highly trained experts are waiting to meet you and select the right person to meet your needs.
Contact us now, and a lucky person will become your new Perfect Partner!

Soulmate Services. Because you deserve Perfection.

Soulmate services is a specialized dating service that provides clients with individuals who they have psychosurgically altered to bond strongly with the client. Typically, these are infugees who see this as their best chance at getting a good body, though couples having marital problems will occasionally seek out the service. The dating process is recorded via full XP of the partner and client, subject to review, and further psychosurgical alterations made as required. Those who opt for the psychosurgery can choose how much alteration they are willing to go through, as some clients have more extreme desires than others.

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At first I thought this was

At first I thought this was spam.

Then I laughed. Great parody.

(This could be a lot of fun in the IC Talk subforum, why not post it there instead?)