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Interest Check - Living world discord

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Interest Check - Living world discord
As titled: I'm curious to see if anyone here would be interested in a living world style discord server to conduct online games of Eclipse phase. The general idea would have two parts: Slice of life - the 'off duty' portion where characters carry out daily activities and little dramas of day to day transhuman life. These would be general interactions which don't rely on combat or (many) skill rolls to determine the outcome and the places where downtime/between mission activities take place. Mission - the actual games using full rules - either existing rules or the 2.0 playtest rules - operating with storyteller guidance. There are issues with this kind of setup, which I'm aware of. At this point I'm trying to gauge interest in such an idea.
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I think that'd be pretty
I think that'd be pretty interesting. Honestly I kinda like the slower slice of life stuff now and then, and being part of an ongoing world is nice. I'd probably have to find a good spot to fit it into my busy schedule however if I joined.
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That would be great! I'd love
That would be great! I'd love to just live a normal life and have cosmically insignificant problems in this game. Like, bingeing on space anime or whatever. I think that'd be quite fun.