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Interactive map of Mars

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Interactive map of Mars
Hey there. I've been working on an interactive map of Mars lately. Still a work in progress, but you might find it useful/fun, so ... here is : http://mars.bricosicien.fr The very next step is to add a text search function, which will make it much more useable, I think. So far, I have included markers for various features taken from an online database. Of course, I would also like to add EP specific data, but right now I'm a bit short. If you are willing to help, I'm looking for : - the coordinates of various EP features (big cities for instance) - a set of clean and unobstrusive icons to populate the map. Hope you like it !
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For map icons, I've found
For map icons, I've found this site to be handy: http://mapicons.nicolasmollet.com/

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