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Integration Test Modifiers

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Integration Test Modifiers
I'm a little unclear on the Alienation Test Modifiers. Do you use all that apply, or just the highest? For example, let's say I have an Uplifted Octopus resleeving into a new non-uplift Octomorph, and he has only used Octomorphs in his life. If all of the modifiers apply we would have: Familiar +30, Original morph type +20, Previously used +10, non-uplift -10, Exotic morph -30 = +20? Or should I just use the "best" modifier of +30?
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"...Uplifted Octopus

"...Uplifted Octopus resleeving into a new non-uplift Octomorph..."

This confuses me...
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I'd think you'd use all of

I'd think you'd use all of those modifiers, except for original morph type seeing as you are resleeving into a octopod and not a octomorph (i.e. uplifted morph body). Unless I am misunderstanding you, and you are resleeving into a uplifted body in which case you would not use the non-uplift modifier.

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What is an octopod?

What is an octopod?
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plural of octopus.
plural of octopus. Though, the correct spelling is octopodes. My apologizes.
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Also, I don't think it's

Also, I don't think it's "exotic" if it's your birth morph. That may just be a personal interpretation, of course.

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These modifiers generally

These modifiers generally stack, but some situations call for a bit of fudging. In the example given above, for instance, the non-uplift penalty probably shouldn't apply, and the exotic modifier definitely wouldn't apply. Exotic is relative, so a PC who was born an octopus wouldn't suffer it. If that same character resleeved in a swarmanoid, though, the penalty would apply.

Also, as stated in another thread, I'm a big advocate of going light on either the penalties or the effects of Lucidity loss if the player is doing a really good job of role-playing the mental stress associated with body hopping. In my campaign, the penalties operate more to keep my crunch gamers honest.

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