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Installing a fabber in a synthmorph?

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Installing a fabber in a synthmorph?
I was thinking about this the other day and I was wondering if a synthmorph could have a fabber installed, and what kind of problems might that cause. My guess is that moving around, let alone jumping, or doing parkour, might cause the objects inside the fabber being fabbed wrong. If you had a good fabber, maybe it could compensate or redo work some of the work, eventually giving you a finished product. What are your thoughts?
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As with all (trans)human
As with all (trans)human thoughts, I'm interested to know where the input/output of this fabber would be located on the morph..
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I was thinking that the
I was thinking that the synthmorph had a chest or torso cavity, perhaps like Bender from Futurama, where they kept the fabber. Also, not all synthmorphs are humanoid. There might be better places to keep it. For instance, a portable server (a bot with wheels) might keep it in one of its hidden compartments. A Nautiloid (a small spacecraft with a cyberbrain) could keep it just about anywhere inside itself.
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the Nautiloid already has a DCM and a maker as standard, so there is precedence.
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That it does.
That it does. Strange. Those items are not listed in the morph's stats as enhancements. I would think those items would be important enough to list.