Inspiration from The Travelers

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Inspiration from The Travelers

Anyone watching Travelers, the Netflix series? It's got a few interesting themes that could serve as useful inspiration for EP scenarios. Spoilers ahead for those who care:

In present-day America, the bodies of various citizens are taken over by travelers from the future. Moments away from their likely deaths, consciousnesses from the future are fired back, overwriting their identities. The "travelers" are being sent back by a mysterious Director, and they're tasked with random missions that will prevent future disasters that lead to a dystopian horror-scenario.

Although the time travel plot isn't very EP, the peripheral themes are pretty interesting. The body (and identity) dysmorphia experienced by the Travelers and their attempts to fit in without giving away their missions are similar to an agent assuming another citizen's Morph and identity. Heck, for players trying to adjust to the idea of body-swapping, it might be a good kick-start.

The first season's growing concerns about the Director's true motives — and the possibility that it might be an AGI — feel similar to the Firewall arguments about the Promethians and their motives.

And as the series progresses, glimpses of the dystopian future hint at the kind of life-in-hiding that the human remnants on Post-Fall Earth might experience.

All in all, a good series with some interesting fodder.