Insane Aerospace Division: The Planetdiver

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Insane Aerospace Division: The Planetdiver

So, I made Another Thing.

This began life as an effort to customize a Zephyr drone to be dropped from orbit and explore the surface of a planet, and in true "if it's worth doing, it's worth comically overdoing" fashion it became a synthmorph the size of a sundiver equipped to drop out of orbit into cryonically cold oceans, submerge and go explore the depths of the ocean, then return to the surface, inflate a balloon, hover around blasting movies to everyone in a three-county radius, then return to orbit. And for bonus S+G, you can bring along a few friends if you want to operate this sucker as an ego-sharer to boot.

Skype and AIM names: Exactly the same as my forum name.

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