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"Infomorphs we have detected beamed on high..."

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"Infomorphs we have detected beamed on high..."
Just 'cause it is the right time to ask... OK, I see how the technologies and resultant social changes (to say nothing of the fact that the collective "Holy Ground" is a hazard these days) can impact religion... how about the holidays? A just for the heck of it flavor question, anything still celebrated in the EP universe? A LOT has changed (Mars and the habitats throw off the calender a tad, gift economies make a lot of places like X-Mas... if you're good, "Firewall" members and the rest of Earth-less mankind probably are not in the mood for an October festival focused on horror, etc). Still I'd be suprised if there wasn't some manner of celebration going about, even if it's a Thanksgiving to celebrate the founding of a new habitat or a Memorial Day for those that fought for or were lost in the fight for Earth.
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We don't really cover this in
We don't really cover this in the core book, but I'm sure there would still be holidays, though they might vary from habitat to habitat. Folks on Mars probably celebrate the day a human first set foot on Mars for example, while the Titanians probably celebrate the day they founded their commonwealth. There would also be remembrance days, like you mention, for the Fall or the loss of specific Earth cities or other habitats. I suspect even Halloween would still be around, for catharsis if nothing else.

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