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Infinity RPG [Modihpius]

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Infinity RPG [Modihpius]
Sooo... I was having a look at the latest book (pre-)released for this game (which uses a lot of things already present on EP, like "geists" -Muses-, morphs -Lhosts-, "Cubes" -cortical stacks-, etc...), which is the Nomad faction supplement (Scum. With three BIG ships FTL capable using wormholes) and... well... They just introduced Rep (they call it Social Energy... but amounts to the same thing). Incidentally, leaving aside the 2d20 dice system, most of the gameplay tends to amount to "no resleeving to travel, you can FTL" so the richest characters accrue implants (on the same way EP has implants: bonus to stats, bonus to skills, gear, etc...), and several people have complaint that the game favours munchkinism heavily and without measure... (oh, and the default setting is the equivalent to "you are part of Oversight"... just that each player belongs to a different corp) So, any experiences on the game? Any attempted fan transition of rules/gear between this and EP?
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Thanks for the recommendation
Thanks for the recommendation. Will read that.
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Sorry for the late answer, I
Sorry for the late answer, I havent been here in ages. The fun thing about Infinity is that the RPG is based on the Infinity tabletop wargame (has existed for quite some time) that is based on the background of an old RPG campaign the makers used to play a few decades ago or so. Now they finally got Modiphius to make it into a proper RPG. I've been playing the RPG with a group of friends for something about a year and a half (started when the first equipment-lists came out during development) until our gamemaster had a kid and other real live stuff got in the way. We had fun with the system and background. It draws from a lot of the same influences as Eclipse Phase I guess though the whole thing has always had a bit of a Manga-style influence. The system seems modern and streamlined enough that you don't have to learn a whole new set of rules if you want to play a new character with a different specialization. There is a lot of equipment of course though not as much variety as in EP and you also dont switch bodies as much. In Infinity getting a new body is very expensive and usually more something that is done when someone important enough dies for example. There are extensive body modifications though and also a few alien races. We didn't really notice a lot of munchkinism (TM) but I guess it can be done with a lot of RPGs but depends mainly on the group of people you're playing with. If you have more questions I can try to answer them to the best of my ability.
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I have Infinity but haven't
I have Infinity but haven't had a chance to play. It doesn't seem super popular. At GenCon there's literally one event. I do like the 2d20 system quite a bit. It seems to be the 'crunchiest' of all the implementations of that system I've seen. The setting doesn't speak to me as much as Eclipse Phase but I'd still be delighted to give it a shot. Another system not to sleep on is the Shadow of the Beanstalk, an implementation of the Android (ala Netrunner fame) universe and using the Genisys system from Fantasy Flight (the same system used for Star Wars). I just played in a game at GenCon and it was a blast (far more fun, honestly, than any times I've played the Star Wars RPGs). Much more Cyberpunk/Shadowrun than post human, but fast playing while still enough crunch to keep it interesting.