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Imported models...

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Imported models...
Crazy thought. Do any of the Extrasolar colonies have complex extraterrestrial lifefoms (not counting the Factors of course, who I get the impression would not be cool with what I'm about to suggest)? If so has there been any effort to clone and retrofit the bodies for morph purposes (or for that matter, Uplift). It would take a LOT of research of course (and assumes the alien biochemistry is at least neutral to our own) but one can imagine the shock value of prancing around in your tripedal bioluminiscent multijawed morph... make that character with the exposed spine in that picture SO jealous!
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Some extrasolar systems have

Some extrasolar systems have complex life, yes. We don't cover any attempts to uplift or turn these xenomorphs into pods in the core book, but certainly someone is trying to do it. You'll see it covered in the Gatecrashing sourcebook.

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Xenoborg For Me
The would be my only reason for buying the book. Oh, and my alien morph would be mechanical.
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Exosolar uplifts... sure. But
Exosolar uplifts... sure. But if anyone asks to get sleeved in an Echolalian Land Anemone in my game, I'm saying no.
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