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I'm a Math Wiz!

One of the tough aspects of roleplaying a genius is that the character's "smartness" is only as flexible as the player's own understanding of what being smart means. I've run into this with a player whose character has the Math Wiz trait… they get a hefty bonus of 30 to any action that involves on-the-fly calculations, but what does that mean? What kinds of situations would involve on-the-fly calculation, and how do I keep the trait from being under or over powered?

My first thought were that Freefalling and Gunnery involved plenty of complex instinctual geometry and physics to determine trajectory, although having a +30 bonus apply to every use of the skill seems to not be the intended purpose. Any opinion, forum?

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Tracking asteroid

Tracking asteroid trajectories, navigational work, scientific deductive work, data processing and analysis.. Theoretically, you're right in that it could be a matter of how the player and RP situation justifies it but when it's a modifier of that size it should be quite an unlikely condition, not something that happens every five minutes. Just have a moderately firm grasp as a GM and it should be okay.